• A community of people connecting to mutually contribute with needed services, resources, or ideas.

  • Get involved in projects of your city like never before

  • Connecting challengers and problem-solvers

    Share your talent, resources and collaborate in projects

Simple navigation & personalized experience

It makes it easy and fun to engage in projects

Integrated chat

Connect instantly to arrange details of collaboration

Open Innovation

Based on the principles of open innovation, it is designed for people to meet, engage, collaborate and co-create with diverse teams.

Mobile First

Simple navigation and a personalized user experience


Find out about projects, events or workshops within your own neighbourhood

Talent map

Need to find someone with a particular skill? You can filter by skills and get a map of talent of people available to collaboration in projects

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The platform not only allows people to engage in activities and assume an active role in creating projects that will improve their city but also leads to experimentation and prototyping in real-world setting.

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